This database contains all the necessary experimental data and results of DFT calculations presented in: Benedikt P. Klein, Alexander Ihle, Stefan R. Kachel, Lukas Ruppenthal, Samuel J. Hall, Lars Sattler, Sebastian M. Weber, Jan Herritsch, Andrea Jaegermann, Daniel Ebeling, Reinhard J. Maurer, Gerhard Hilt, Ralf Tonner-Zech, André Schirmeisen, J. Michael Gottfried, Topological Stone-Wales Defects Enhance Bonding and Electronic Coupling at the Graphene/Metal Interface, ACS Nano 16 (2022) DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.2c01952.
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AuthorsGottfried, J. Michael, Prof. Dr.
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution 4.0
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XPS_data.tar .tar45.5Kb1d9b8ce6af14b5db1f8b3899eb5e9524
UPS_data.tar .tar20Kb94a7c84bd7383d4115ec71a590a1bdc5
TPD_data.tar .tar1.044Mb4e6ffa44ab3ae46e3fa85c040492327d
NEXAFS_data.tar .tar247Kbdc4f785d212fb3a731b0f5fd72df11cd
DFT_data.tar .tar776.8Mb51a79c6f0bb61e044e85989deabfa38f
license_CC-BY-4.0.txt .txt18.21Kb380b31767eeb6303e3bc300d8846f180
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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