This repository contains supplementary information as well as data files that are needed to reproduce the results of the following publication: Li Sanchez K, Schwinger M. Development and Validation of the Marburg Self-Regulation Questionnaire for Teachers (MSR-T). Trends in Higher Education. 2023; 2(3):434-461. https://doi.org/10.3390/higheredu2030026 As part of the studies, items for a questionnaire measuring teachers' self-regulation competencies in four professionally relevant contexts were constructed and subjected to item analyses in Study 1, resulting in a reduction from 79 to 55 items. In addition, associations between self-regulation and job and health satisfaction (individual items) were examined in several regression analyses. In the second study, item reduction was again carried out on the basis of item analyses and a CFA, and the final version of the questionnaire (27 items) was correlated with convergent and divergent questionnaires to investigate validity. For further information see readme.txt
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AuthorsLi Sanchez, Kira
ContributorsSupervisor: Schwinger, Prof. Dr. Malte
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0
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Readme.txt .txt6.731Kb66ecd5f452248c5d5a1ece526b751e5a
Study 1 Item analyses.omv .omv642.3Kb4580053662e230d1557c788aeea9ab8a
Study 1 Item analyses.pdf .pdf218.0Kb72b81b3b8558a69000fd2b45445f83d0
Study 1 Regression analsyses.omv .omv1.892Mbeb4b9229f6444a4cb9072a5f05df2133
Study 1 Dataset.csv .csv403.4Kbb6bcdc6907db224c2abdfe0a523994af
Study 1 Regression analyses.pdf .pdf2.037Mbeebd089064d1de488f8457afa1510a46
Study 2 Item analyses and validation.omv .omv595.4Kbfbe1854385a189bec36aab3670ac7e0c
Study 2 Item analyses and validation.pdf .pdf143.6Kbbb9910e7159944035cd3752763077637
Study 2 Dataset.csv .csv543.6Kb76822fac20da1a81e8158adb8a53d4dc
codebook_study 2.xlsx .xlsx68.40Kb509f8f963d0050eacf30883bb0bd2c8c
Data 12 mplus N611.dat .dat263.1Kb8bd7d5ec26475966dc70a850631bd9b8
CFA Model 1.out .out285.5Kbb91d73090e149343cc6a93a3c8d0a9b0
CFA Model 2.out .out287.7Kb32a3b907f5768ce13d2699c845f4388b
CFA Model 3.out .out256.2Kbb1dde34f576d770fe02035c7bcf15b95
CFA Model 4.out .out296.7Kb81571303e472add14bf1f215a1018ea1
license_CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0.txt .txt20.35Kb9acae1bf4bd0b5791f96aa782a080cd8
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0
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