This first survey of rock shelters and settlements in the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia is a baseline assessment for further research into the settlement history of Africa’s largest alpine highlands. Extensive GPS-based mapping and interviews resulted in two detailed maps, a catalogue of profiles, and complete photographic documentation. In total, 331 rock shelters (four permanently inhabited, 51 seasonally inhabited, and 276 currently uninhabited) and 870 settlements (207 permanently inhabited, 449 seasonally inhabited, 214 uninhabited) were recorded together with information about the activities and livelihoods of the inhabitants of the current settlements. This 2015 study was part of the Ethiopian-European research project “The mountain exile hypothesis – how humans benefited from and re-shaped African high-altitude ecosystems during Quaternary climate changes” (DFG FOR 2358). It was designed to support future management plans in this internationally important conservation area that has recently faced increasing land-use pressure and the threat of degradation
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AuthorsReber, David
ContributorsOther: Fekadu, Mekbib
Project Member: Detsch, Florian Dr.
Project Member: Vogelsang, Ralf Dr.
Project Member: Bekele, Tamrat Dr.
Project Leader: Nauss, Thomas Prof. Dr.
Project Leader: Miehe, Georg Prof. Dr.
RelationshipIs Supplement To: (DOI) https://doi.org/10.1007/s10745-018-9999-5
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution 4.0
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P3_Rockshelter_interview.zip .zip283.5Kb0a7d1945ada6d743a4a3d70e950ba724
P3_Map_of_settlements_villages_12500002016.zip .zip2.968Mb9ae0c4224b71256a242534a6a8d57ce9
P3_Topographic_map_w_settlements_1500002016.zip .zip21.51Mb89718c376e0915e313ff0150ca1e8568
P3_Topographic_map_with_rockshelters_2016.zip .zip21.10Mbdcd769f5ae5293bfb90e0737b0d7efdd
P3_Rockshelter_2015.zip .zip1019.Kb91ae4b05bd22b7caafb0e1b4c0321b30
P3_Settlement_observations_2017.zip .zip48.52Kbe540ecd79d427d0edc9b2c14f10d168b
license_CC-BY-4.0.txt .txt18.21Kb380b31767eeb6303e3bc300d8846f180
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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