Each tiff is a single confocal image of an individual specimen. Each lif-file (Leica Image File) contains one or more confocal image stacks of the same specimen. At the time of submission, those files can be opened using Leicas LAS X software (Core Offline Version is sufficient), or any software using the open source Bio-Formats library.
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AuthorsTrebels, Björn
ContributorsDippel, Stefan
Goetz, Brigitte
Graebner, Maria
Hofmann, Carolin
Hofmann, Florian
Schmid, Freya-Rebecca
Uhl, Mara
Vuong, Minh-Phung
Weber, Vanessa
Schachtner, Joachim
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution 4.0
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NameFormatSizeChecksum (MD5)
Ame_f_P1-2_Syn_snap.tif .tif1.185Mb81363b1c3419c88ce6cc8dd38e556eea
Ame_f_P2_Syn_snap.tif .tif1.541Mb0fb1cf02021cde53dd967dd1f7dbc65a
Ame_f_P3_Syn_snap.tif .tif1.388Mb8f8e442f6f880fb40fab576ac5d3d79a
20041123_Ame_f_adult.lif .lif124.6Mbc52b9873b72a5266d2632afd40564fe0
Ame_f_P4_Syn_snap.tif .tif1.153Mb03e45e4cd01d39126e0fb98d1a3aa30c
Ame_f_P6_Syn_snap.tif .tif1.806Mbf6c1982acce21284fc65ebc5eb89f014
Ame_f_P9_Syn_snap.tif .tif398.9Kb3f7113e1dd0df2d79ad562d568bdf071
license_CC-BY-4.0.txt .txt18.21Kb380b31767eeb6303e3bc300d8846f180
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as Creative Commons Attribution 4.0