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PoS-tagged Middle Welsh texts from Oxford, Jesus College MS. 119


Middle Welsh PoS-tagged texts from Oxford, Jesus College MS. 119, as transcribed in Luft, Diana; Thomas, Peter Wynn; Smith, D. Mark (2013): Rhyddiaith Gymraeg 1300-1425. Cardiff University. Available online at PoS-tagging by Marieke Meelen, preprocessing and manual correction by Elena Parina and Raphael Sackmann. These data are part of the project ‚Übersetzungen als Sprachkontaktphänomene - Untersuchungen zu lexikalischen, grammatischen und syntaktischen Interferenzen in mittelkymrischen religiösen Texten’ funded by Fritz Thyssen Foundation, P.I. Prof. Dr. Erich Poppe, 1-10.2015-30.09.2018 For the tags see Meelen, Marieke (2016): Why Jesus and Job spoke bad Welsh. The origin and distribution of V2 orders in Middle Welsh. Utrecht: LOT. Available online at pp. 328-330.


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Parina, Elena; Sackmann, Raphael; Meelen, Marieke; Poppe, Erich: PoS-tagged Middle Welsh texts from Oxford, Jesus College MS. 119. . DOI:

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