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Raw data: Recording files and microscope image stacks


{"descriptionType":"Abstract","description":"Each archive contains the data for one neuron. The data set ID is the four-digit number after the last underscore of the folder name. The smr file is the raw recording data (recorded with Spike2, which is needed for reading). The mat file contains the same data, converted to mat for import with MATLAB. The mat file is used for data analysis, as documented in the code. The lif file is the raw confocal image stack of the specimen. The png file is a maximum projection of the specimen and provides an overview of the neuron morphology. All maximum projections are processed so that they display the frontal view on the specimen, i. e., a structure on the left half of the image corresponds to the structure in the right half of the imaged specimen. The spreadsheet file \"_data-table.xlsx\" contains the meta-data table of all data sets, which may be used for batch importing (see code documentation). The spreadsheet file \"clusterSummary_rSquare-75-stimPooldLR.xls\" contains the final results of the cluster analysis for visual field estimation. The archive \"\" contains the results from the bootstrap analysis. The contents should be extracted into the same directory as the data set folders in order to be found by the analysis scripts."}
Zittrell, Frederick: Raw data: Recording files and microscope image stacks. . DOI: