This is the data underlying our paper Distribution patterns of imperfect and preterite forms of perception verbs in Middle and Early Modern Welsh prose texts, to be published in the Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium 40. The dataset was prepared in its final form in February 2022. This research stems from a number of projects on translations into Welsh which have been or are being undertaken at the University of Marburg, namely: “Early Modern cultures of translation in Wales: innovations and continuities” (10.2021–09.2024) and “The Welsh contribution to the cultures of translation of the Early Modern period: Strategies of translating into Welsh in the sixteenth century” (10.2018– 09.2021), Co-PIs Dr. Elena Parina and Prof. Dr. Erich Poppe, both funded by the DFG within priority programme SPP2130 “Early Modern Translation Cultures”; “Translations as language contact phenomena – studies in lexical, grammatical and stylistic interference in Middle Welsh religious texts” (10.2015–09.2017), PI Professor Dr. Erich Poppe, Researcher Dr. Elena Parina, funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation; and “The Matter of France in Medieval Wales: A Study of Otuel” (07.2019 – 01.2022), PI Dr. Luciana Cordo Russo, funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. All the Welsh examples are copied from the digital edition Diana Luft, Peter Wynn Thomas, and D. Mark Smith, eds., 2013, Rhyddiaith Gymraeg / Welsh prose 1300–1425, http://www.rhyddiaithganoloesol.caerdydd.ac.uk, except for Gesta Romanorum, quoted from the edition Patricia Williams, Gesta Romanorum (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2000). The following information is coded for each example: verb: gweled ‘see’ / clywed ‘hear’; form of the verb used in the example; tense: prt (preterite) vs. imf (imperfect); manuscript and the page within; translation and/or source text; type of clause: MS (main clause) vs. SC (subordinate clause).
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AuthorsParina, Elena Dr.
Cordo Russo, Luciana Dr.
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution 4.0
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