This collection accompanies the 2022 paper "Modelling sky compass dependent head direction coding in the desert locust", accepted for the CogSci conference 2022 to be published under a CC-BY 4.0 license. It contains a pre-print of the paper and the underlying code, published under a BSD 3 clause license: amodel0201.pdf compass_matrix.py plots.py utils.py Calling compass_matrix.py will produce the figures printed in the paper. It imports functions from plots.py and utils.py.
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AuthorsPabst, Kathrin
Zittrell, Frederick
Endres, Dominik, Prof. Dr.
Homberg, Uwe, Prof. Dr.
License3-Clause BSD License (NewBSD)
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compass_matrix.py .py11.45Kbfed56b07b339a8f630ddee3d757ba230
A Model for Optic Flow Integration in Locust Central-Complex Neurons Tuned to Head Direction.pdf .pdf5.153Mb3251e63c5653e03a6e6993aa116b3236
plots.py .py6.313Kb8b280c10d79fe0141b5163e77eeaf1a7
utils.py .py4.387Kbe59f10a9b07da261dda02babb58a166e
license_BSD-3-Clause.txt .txt1.612Kbd7b203ca8a572d6115e3843841560476
Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as 3-Clause BSD License (NewBSD)