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The dataset includes audio recordings from the University forest of the Philipps University of Marburg (Marburg Open Forest). The Marburg Open Forest is a temperate european forest located about 10km from the city center of Marburg (Lahn), Germany. 48 AudioMoths were distributed throughout the forest for the recordings. Recordings were 48 kHz 16 bit mono. A recording is always one minute long. The recording rhythm was 1 minute recording then one minute pause in which no recording took place. Recordings were made 24 hours a day for around two weeks every month. The files are named according to the recording date using one of the following two naming conventions: Either Year_Month_Day__Hour_Minute (e.g. 2021_10_01__00_00) or Year_Month_Day__Hour_Minute_Second (e.g. 2021_10_31__23_58_03). The audiodata was recorded from April 2020 to October 2022. The entire dataset consists of 14093659 files in WAV format and is around 77 TB large. Due to the size of the complete data set, provision via download is not practical. The complete dataset can be requested by clicking on the file complete_dataset.bit. The full dataset is available upon request from 01. January 2024 onwards. An example dataset is available here, that includes recordings of one AudioMoth (ID: 248D9B025FDF0BD1) from mid-March (2021-03-16) to December 2021 (2021-12-31) in MP3 format. In total, this dataset consists of 130873 MP3 files, therefore the dataset is about 30 GB large. The individual MP3 files are grouped by month of recording in TAR archives.
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AuthorsBald, Lisa
Zeuss, Dirk
Frieß, Nicolas
Wöllauer, Stephan
Lindner, Kim
Kohlbrecher, Viviane
Farwig, Nina
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0
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