This repository contains supplementary information as well as data files that are needed to reproduce the results of the following publication: Li Sanchez K, Schwinger M. Effects of individualized and general self-regulation online training on teachers' self-regulation, well-being and stress. (in prep.) This study investigates the effects of a brief individualized vs. general self-regulation online training on teachers' self-regulation competence, well-being, and stress levels. Self-regulation competence was assessed in a sample of german teachers at three time points using the MSR-T (Li Sanchez &Schwinger, 2023). Teachers were assigned to either individualized self-regulation training, general self-regulation training, or a waitlist control group. In addition to self-regulation competence, well-being was measured using the WHO-5 Well-Being Index (Bech, 2004), general stress was assessed using the Perceived Stress Scale PSS-10 (german version, Klein et al, 2016) and occupational stress was measured using the Occupational Stress Scale (Enzmann & Kleiber, 1989). Mixed ANOVA and linear regression analyses revealed, that self-regulation could be fostered through our individualized training and that teachers with low baseline competences in particular benefited from the training. Facets of self-regulation were shown to be significant predictors of well-being and general as well as occupational stress. The used data are provided as sav and csv, further this repository contains sample tasks from the teacher training. For further information see readme.txt
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AuthorsLi Sanchez, Kira
ContributorsProject Leader: Schwinger, Malte, Prof. Dr.
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0
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Readme SRT.txt .txt8.041Kb5f1608a4f70acdf5287a3d3bed7f033c
Example tasks SR Training modules.pdf .pdf127.7Kbfbf779d70025780956ecc60f8da8b0cb
Data Self-regulationtraining N269.csv .csv306.1Kbfe1414f270df25a549a2ad27a7297d86
Data Self-regulationtraining N269.sav .sav302.4Kb68d95b4c65d6724ed59604eb1f6a484e
SR-Training_Monitoring German.pdf .pdf278.6Kbcff8c31c5b1a5374e406fe10f229a58d
SR-Training_Planning German.pdf .pdf271.1Kb9be86b2a2dd8b526abdaa80c3b8d32a8
SR-Training_Reflection German.pdf .pdf190.8Kb5bc96f62e3afd204d0bb3eea4bec68e6
SR-Video.mp4 .mp44.201Mbebbee0c350dbe4895f626a54037bb7ac
Syntax Adherence and helpfulness.sps .sps304 Bytes7e638912b260842d4a7f186383097398
Syntax ANOVA.sps .sps1.433Kbbdc1b6fc33bde4fe0c80348301fcb6a6
Syntax descriptoves.sps .sps2.940Kb3ae238aa9797b269e16a99b0e0b2d34f
Syntax differences betw. trainees and teachers.sps .sps763 Bytes742a067f8705e97be12c4c9a9908b382
Syntax differences in participant dropout.sps .sps591 Bytes0b32def72171d900a30a5d2298c74b54
Syntax regression analyses.sps .sps5.857Kbd581a5985ae447cc57d44cf47a3f6a71
license_CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0.txt .txt20.35Kb9acae1bf4bd0b5791f96aa782a080cd8
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0
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