Time lapse images and metadata for Vibrio cholerae biofilm development for different vps genes mutations and also for different matrix localization. The information for strains are given below : kdv1652 : Rugose, rbmA-myc,rbmC-FLAG,bap1-HA, ∆ctxAB kdv1654: R ΔvpsU, rbmA-myc,rbmC-FLAG,bap1-HA, ∆ctxAB kdv1655: R_vpsO_K551A, rbmA-myc,rbmC-FLAG,bap1-HA, ∆ctxAB kdv1656: Rugose, rbmA-myc,rbmC-FLAG,bap1-HA, ∆ctxAB kdv1658: R ΔvpsU, rbmA-myc,rbmC-FLAG,bap1-HA, ∆ctxAB kdv1659:R_vpsO_K551A, rbmA-myc,rbmC-FLAG,bap1-HA, ∆ctxAB kdv1276: Rugose WT kdv1277: R ΔvpsO kdv1278: R ΔvpsU